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     The objectives of the Maryland Society are the collection and preservation of rolls, records, books, and other documents relating to the War of 1812; the encouragement of research and the preservation of historical data, including memorials to patriots of that era in our national history; the caring for the graves of veterans of the War of 1812; the cherishing, maintenance and extension of the institutions of American freedom; the fostering of true patriotism and love of country.  

    In carrying out these objectives, the Maryland Society hold meetings for their members and guests at which programs relating to the War of 1812 and intelligent patriotism are presented.  Over the years the membership has been fortunate in attracting gentlemen of high caliber, intelligence and gracious demeanor.  The General Society and  Maryland Society are sensitive to the high ideals espoused by our Founding Fathers and they feel the duty that ever vigilant defense of our nation and its Constitution entails.

    The Society of The War of 1812 in Maryland remembers the veterans of the War of 1812 with the Defenders' Day Cavalcade. Our Defenders Dozen publication has become a tradition in showcasing traditional stops on the Cavalcade, and is now also a useful walking tour guide. An Annual Andrew Jackson Day Luncheon is held every January. In the Spring, our Mint Julep Party recognizes remembers the occasion when the Baltimore veterans received their first organ- izational charter in Maryland recorded in the Circuit court of Baltimore as "THE ASSOCIATION OF DEFENDERS OF BALTIMORE" on 14th of May 1842. (Later, in 1895, to be incorporated as The Society of the War of 1812 in Maryland). View our on-line photograph and image scrapbook capturing some scenes from these events.

The Society was an official partner with the Star-Spangled Banner 200 Commission in the War of 1812 Bicentennial. In celebration, the Society purchased and dedicated a cannon for Fort McHenry--and-- a wayside celebrating our origin at Fort McHenry was erected then dedicated on the anniversary of the Battle of North Point at Fort McHenry. (see photo)             

 Our Bicentennial Book, Heritage of Courage is now available for purchase. We invite you to share in our rich heritage and to celebrate the Bicentennial with us! The author offers this book in e-book format and sells signed copies.

 The Maryland Historical Trust has awarded the Maryland Society a grant to advance our efforts to preserve Battle Acre, the site of intense conflict and unusual courage during the Battle of North Point in 1814. 

     The Maryland Society archives are held in the Archives at the University of Baltimore

  You must see our virtual museum, showcasing artifacts and memorabilia owned by Maryland Society members (not completed).

     The Society records and honors the burial    sites of War of 1812 veterans. Access our    carefully researched veteran ancestors.

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Celebrate Star-Spangled 200!

 The insignia of the Maryland Society is a formee’ cross surmounted by an eagle, and  suspended form a ribbon of gold-black gold stripes representing the Calvert arms. In the center of the medal is reproduced the Battle Monument , at the Monument Square, Baltimore. On the right of the monument is depicted two crossed guns, and on the left two crossed cannons.  On the left corner is inscribed the word “Society”, upper corner “War 1812”, right corner “Maryland” and lower corner “Organized 1814”.  The finish of the medal is in gold or bronze. Not surprisingly, the Society logo contains the insignia. Download traditional and bicentennial versions of our society logo containing the insignia.

Other Maryland institutions also perpetuate the legacy of the War of 1812. The flag which inspired our national anthem was created at the Flag House. This star-spangled banner flew over Fort McHenry where it became the inspiration for Francis Scott Key's verses. While the flag resides at the Smithsonian Institute in nearby Washington D.C., the original  copy of the poem/song The Star-Spangled Banner resides in Baltimore at the Maryland Historical Society

  The award-winning Fort McHenry Guard is a group of volunteers who research and re-create roles of people who  lived in early 19th century Baltimore. The Patriots of Fort McHenry are dedicated to preserving the historical legacy of the Fort and inspiring all who visit the "Birthplace of the Star Spangled Banner" through living history, educational programs.  The Society for the Preservation of Federal Hill and Fell's Point has very interesting programs such as " Patterson Park in the War of 1812". Todd's Inheritance Historic Site, Inc. has restored  Todd's Inheritance, a property which played a key roll in preventing the British from capturing Baltimore during the Battle of North Point. The Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum  has identified the archaeological site of the 1814 Battle of St. Leonard Creek, the largest naval engagement in Maryland's history.  Fort Hollingsworth at Historic Elk Landing, along with close-by Fort Defiance, defended Elkton from burning by the British. The National Park Service, with the assistance of LDR International, Inc., an HNTB Company, of Columbia, Maryland, studied the 1814 British Invasion of Maryland and Washington DC, and the American defense during the War of 1812.

The Maryland Daughters of 1812 is the womens' counterpart organization of our Society and is chartered by the U.S. Daughters of 1812. The Maryland Daughters were activists in legislation which established the Star-Spangled banner as our anthem.

Be sure to contact us if you have questions or comments. Visit us on Facebook and Linked In. Join us in celebrating the Bicentennial!


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